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Energy: No matter its source, energy is a huge issue for Oregon. Businesses are looking at emerging renewable sources, while energy efficiency remains the low-hanging fruit for businesses to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Green building: Oregon has established itself as a leader in the green building industry with many green building firms located in the state and many examples of their handiwork housing Oregon businesses.

Investment: A successful sustainable economy will pay dividends for Oregon, but up-front investment is key to growing green businesses. While Oregon has long been challenged by a perceived lack of start-up capital, we've cataloged a variety of financial tools currently available.

Transportation: In Oregon and elsewhere, transportation is in transformation. The coming network of electric vehicle charging stations, the alternative fuels industry and the ongoing development of workable mass transit options will change the way Oregonians get from A to B.

Natural resources: Oregon's wealth of natural resources are in transformation — with significant implications for Oregon's economy. Forest management, sustainable agriculture, sustainable fisheries and water will remain key factors in the state's economy for many years.

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Green your business: A more sustainable business can mean everything from lean manufacturing practices to more efficient IT operations to better recycling programs to purchasing carbon offsets. A more sustainable operation leads to a more profitable business.

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